Love the Unloved – Junk Girl cares

Every Saturday about mid-morning a group of nonprofit members headed by Junk Girl cares meets at the park across from the projects at 12th Street and Carr.  Their mission is to supply hope to the homeless people by showing that people care and love the unloved.

The homeless gathers to hear a brief message about God from Pastor Felix Gibson Sr. He is a minister with Hope Outreach St. Louis.  They are a religious ministry dedicated to uplifting and servicing the needs of the homeless population through the word of God.

Once the message has been received, there are other resources for the homeless population to show hope, caring and loving. There is usually a hot meal of some kind served along with a cold drink.  Necessities such as clothing, non-perishable snacks and toiletries are also available.

Junk Girl Cares is a ministry that solicits donations of needed items for the area homeless and makes them available. Headed by Christina Ramirez and supported by her family as well she has grown to an additional five volunteers that can be seen on Saturday Mornings.  Donations that Junk Girl Cares receives that would not help the homeless are passed onto Hope Outreach or related organizations for their ministry work.

Christina Ramirez states “We are down here serving our friends to show the homeless that even the unloved are loved”.

Forty five minutes later, for the most part the ordeal is over for another Saturday. However Christina Ramirez is back home within the hour starting on the list for the next coming Saturday.

A warm touching video of the work that Junk Girl Cares succeeds in doing can be seen at  Look for two future videos coming shortly on the homeless in the next thirty days.

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