Magical Moment

Magical Moment Saint Louis Videographer

Are you are looking for a St. Louis wedding videographer? Or maybe you are looking to capture that special moment such as a party or graduation or maybe a corporate event. Magical Moment is your answer.

Magical Moment is a full service photography company based in Saint Louis, MO. They specialize in videography as well as photography and photo booth rentals.  They have been serving clients for three years and are fully insured.  Their staff has a combined 30 + years’ experience in the photography industry.

Videography is a great way to capture the images of whatever event that you might want to have for memories for years to come. Your wedding can be captured including the ceremony & key parts of the reception including but not limited to well wishes from the guests.

A sporting event is another type of video that is commonly requested. We would capture the whole event and then edited to include the finer moments or we can give you the whole event so you can do whatever you please.

Magical Moment does parties and special events including corporate events. These are all rendered onto a DVD to treasure for years to come or you for promotion for your next event.

We can add music but it will be royalty free as to comply with copyright laws. However events that are personal in nature and will not be distributed such as weddings we will include the original music if any available.

We use top of the line equipment to capture the event including an external Rode Microphone. In some cases we will you lavalier microphones and in extreme cases we will use an external audio recorder.

Our editing team is excellent at what they do which is transform the raw footage into a finished DVD that you will treasure for time to come. Depending on the complexity of your event you can generally have your finished DVD in about a week.

Magical Moment prides itself on its video staff and accomplishments. We hope you enjoy the sample video to give you an idea of what we can do:



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