Hope Help & Dignity Message & A Meal

In the Saint Louis area alone there are more than 1500 homeless people. Although a majority has temporary quarters such as shelters 200 of them have no place to go.  The sad tragedy is that approximately 1/3 of these are children.

Although not a permanent solution, there is hope, help & dignity one night a week. A pallet yard in North Saint Louis is transformed into a man-made Christian Ministry named Message and a Meal.

Headed by Pastor Paul who has formed this ministry and aided by friends and family each Thursday show up at this pallet yard to offer hope, help & dignity. Everyone is treated to a message from the bible given to us by Pastor Paul who self-proclaims his errors of his ways prior to accepting Jesus.

One the message has been completed; there is a meal that is being served. This is solely possible by the generous donations of food.  As well donations stream in each week and those less fortunate can get clothing and hygiene products.

The ministry continues to grow as neighboring churches are starting to reach out each week to help. On the day this video was shot, a Sunday school class headed by Johnny Kielholtz was on hand to assist.

In addition to the above Shower to the People is also onsite. This is ministry that offers a mobile shower unit to the homeless.  Owner Rick Austin states in an interview that the shower unit is just a front door to get the people on the right track to end homeless.

See the full video at :

If you are interested in helping out these ministries or the homeless please check out the links below:

Message & a Meal

Shower to the People

Canaan Baptist Church

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