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Jake’s Memory Lives On

At one time or another we have all lost a loved one or dear friend along the highway of life. For most of us we grind through the steps of grief until something happens or someone comes along to remind us of our loss. Then there are the families that attempt to keep the memory alive by doing something special.  Such a family is the Vollmer family.

Two years ago they lost their son Jake so that he can be in his eternal resting place. The grief was not only shared by the family but as well as those that knew him and walked the painful journey he walked till he came to the end of the road.

This was very evident on Friday October 21, 2016 at a small banquet center in O’Fallon, MO. This was the site of the second annual Jake’s Field of Dream Playground Fundraiser which also happened to be a Halloween costume event. The ultimate goal is to build a playground that is accessible by anyone no matter the handicap.

You entered the party to a variety of costumed characters and Halloween music playing in the background. Grab a drink at the bar and quickly meet someone you knew or haven’t seen in a while.

You also had time to browse the many items on the silent auction table or buy a raffle ticket or a t-shirt. If you were bored you could grab any one of the many characters lurking around and jump into the photo booth.

You were treated to a buffet style dinner while soft rock played in the background. Shortly after dinner we all enjoyed a video of Jake and his battles.  This was followed by a lip synching contest that featured nine different acts.

The remainder of the evening was turn down the lights and turn up the dance music. Entertainment was provided by Event Services STL and they kept it grooving till shortly before midnight with two encore sets.

Put all this together with the fifty plus people that showed up for this event and the items that were purchased you came to one conclusion. Jake had a lot of friends and people believe in the Jake’s Field of Dreams playground.


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