Event Services STL

More Than Just A DJ

Couples meet, fall in love, and start dating serious over a very short period of time. However most couples take forever to plan their wedding some up to two years in advance.  Some try to create the fairy tale wedding they have always dreamed of.

Just to name a few details you have to book a venue for the ceremony & reception. They have to select a caterer, photographer, an officiant whether a pastor or minister or licensed officiant, as well as the DJ.

According to The Knot 12 months before the date, the fifth item is selection of the venue. I assume that if you are using a church or a back yard you might have some flexibility.  But if you want a venue that offers outdoor ceremony, excellent photo ops, and a reception area separate from the ceremony you would need to plan ahead.

We came into such a venue this past weekend while performing for the Moss-Kiser wedding. We had the honor of being the MC / DJ for this wedding in what can only be described as country heaven.  We are referring to Phipps Event Center in Stoutland, MO.  It’s a 2 ½ hour drive from Saint Louis but for your money it’s worth every penny.  You can check out their website at www.phippseventservice.com

Also according to The Knot, you should start booking your wedding professionals 8-10 months before the date. This would include your caterers, photographers, and DJ’s just to name a few.  A simple thing to keep in mind is what is more important for your special day, the food, memories created by a photographer, or the DJ / MC that created your special moment in time.

Now there is a lot to be said about the pros and cons of hiring a big name vs. the one man show. Big names have more flexibility and stability while the one man show can offer more attention to detail and generally slightly less expensive.

However things do go wrong in the world of wedding planning and sometime vendors drop out. It is our humble opinion however that it is neither professional nor ethical to take one’s money and then never be heard from again.  It you accept money for an event you better be available and willing to honor that event or at the very least refund the money and give a valid reason as to why.

Event Services STL go through many steps to ensure that it can honor any commitment that it may agree to whether they have been given a deposit or not. We were contacted eleven days before the Moss-Kiser wedding due to their booked DJ going MIA.  We had the deal sealed in three days and ready to go.

Anthony Dunne, DJ with Event Services STL was onsite at Phipps Event Center prior to the ceremony and was ready to go on time with music to be played for the ceremony. Even with the last minute song selection change everything went off without a hitch.  We broke down and was ready to go prior to the reception and as luck would have it played every song that was requested throughout the evening.

We tip our hats and congratulate Mr. & Mrs. Kiser on their wedding. We thank them for allowing us to be a part of their special day.

Event Services STL is a full service DJ service. We offer DJ, Karaoke, MC, and trivia services.  We custom suit each client’s quote based on several factors.  We will also price match any competing offers.  Although we are considered a one man operation we do have a backup DJ in the event that something should go wrong.

You can find more out about Event Services STL at www.eventservicesstl.com


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